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Favorite Samhain ritual [Oct. 13th, 2008|01:56 pm]
Priestess Community


Hi all! With Samhain just around the corner (eta: in the Northern hemisphere) I was wondering what everyone else's favorite Samhain (eta: or other late Fall/early Winter) ritual that you led or attended. What was the most fun? Or, conversely, what was the least favorite?

[User Picture]From: ivorywitch
2008-12-29 02:23 am (UTC)
This seems to be quite an old post, but since I just joined, I thought I'd answer it.

My favorite rite at Samhain takes place at a State Park in Tennessee. The festival is called Festival of Souls and is sponsored by the church for which I am one of the clergy members. This year we lost one of our members in death, so it was a poignant time for us. There are two events at this festival that address both our dead and the recent loss of loved ones. The first is the Ancestor Rite, led by someone that practices a Druidic inspired path in which Ancestors are invited to attend a fireside circle by which all who wish to may step forward an add incense or some other article to the fire as they remember a loved one, sometimes several loved ones at once if this is their first time. At the end, they say "I will remember..." and then the other circle participants sort of echo that with 'We will remember..." then we slowly file out of the circle, led by the 'Druid' to the entrance to a candlelit labyrinth. One by one, people are allowed entrance, to progress to the center where there is a fire, incense and candles and people can place things on the altar or lit candles or incense in memory of their loved ones, or just in meditation, then file out. The part of the rite takes a couple of hours, and yet it is the single most anticipated event at the Festival and is what brings people back from far away places that may not have any connection to our church or its members, but came because it was a "Samhain Festival" and return because this rite touched them. It is simple and profound and if a pagan church can have a tradition, this is certainly one of ours.

Blessed be,
currently in Knoxville, TN
Summerland Grove Pagan Church
Memphis, TN
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