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Looking for submissions for a book, if inappropriate I will remove [May. 9th, 2009|02:39 pm]
Priestess Community


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I have decided to take the time I am facing as an unemployed person and use it to quell the voices of the muses that have been bugging me for the past 5 years to write. I have spoken to a few people and I have decided to jump in with both feet. Thing is, I dont' want this book to be a one sided perspective on a very very broad topic. So.....

I am looking for short essays by pagan teachers, parents and clergy on the subject of Family paganism.

- how do you view the role of family life in paganism and coven practices?
- what is your opinion of raising children within the religion?
- How has your role as a parent influenced your role within your tradition/path?
- Do you feel we are doing enough for the next generation of pagans?
- Ideas for inclusion of children/non-pagan partners into celebrations/sabbats
- Poly families, where do they fit in?
- How do you explain your practices to your children and non-pagan extended family?
- Have you had issues? How did you handle them?

I intend to include a chapter about polyamorous families as well, so if you wish to write about that topic, please have at it. If you are interested in submitting a short essay *1000 words or less* please email me at mandrakewindwillow at gmail dot com. I will not be able to compensate financially but I will fully credit your writing and will be sure you get a copy or two of the finished product *when/if published* Tradition specific is fine, but please don't use jargon that only your tradition will understand. If you quote other people's work PLEASE be sure to credit them *I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of citations* If you have any questions about this or if you need more information in what I'm working towards, please contact me at that email.

My vision for this book is a look at the family unit and its diversity within the pagan community. I want to not only cover the how tos and the why's but how it effects the outer community and its possible long term effects as a whole. I'm not looking to write a book of rituals or spells, that I'm perfectly set on. I am looking to write a more sociological view of our community and make it usable for parents and non-parents to use when faced with pagan families and issues. More informative/academic, less spooky-foo.

So here we go universe, you only have to kick me so many times til I eventually get the picture...